AlphaPay’s Merchants Red Packet Cashback Campaign


T&T is the biggest Asian supermarket with 27 locations across Canada. Most of the local Chinese community shop here very often. In 2019, T&T integrate Chinese mobile payment Alipay and WeChat Pay powered by AlphaPay nationwide. Furthermore, T&T wanted to increase sales transactions and revenue through this mobile payment technology.


Alipay mobile payment users specifically Chinese residents, international
students and tourists


T&T want to attract Alipay users to shop at T&T supermarket instead of going to other Chinese supermarkets also accept Alipay
T&T want to increase average spending when shop at T&T supermarket

AlphaPay’s Marketing Solution:

  • Branding: From global and local aspective, AlphaPay develop a bicultural branding and marketing promotion on Alipay Platform 
  • Strategic Planning: AlphaPay connect T&T with local and international Chinese community on Alipay app, and build brand awareness from potential customers from overseas.
  • Promotion & Campaign: AlphaPay worked with Alipay to hold a campaign in order to create and increase sales transactions.

Campaign Offer: $10 off when spending over $100
Campaign Duration: 1 month

Alipay Scan QR Code get discount  Alipay Promotion in T&T  red packet

(Alipay Red Packet poster displayed in store)

Solutions & Results:

Collect “Red Packet” by Scanning QR code in Alipay App or In-store:
When customers shop at T&T supermarket, they can scan the QR code on the posters located in various places in-store to collect the coupon

Redeem “QR” code in store:
Present the QR code to the cashier at checkout. The QR code is automatically converted to cashback coupon, then redemption is done due on the final payment.

red packet T&T Using Chinese Payment

(Alipay users can collect red pocket in Alipay app and redeem in store at the checkout)


  • Coupons collected: >22k 
  • Total sales volume +15% 
  • Average Alipay basket +30% vs other payment methods