The Keg Steakhouse Enables Chinese Mobile Payment to Keep Its legacy Growing

The Keg Steakhouse Enables Chinese Mobile Payment to Keep Its legacy Growing

Vancouver, Canada – To kick-off the new year of 2020, the Canadian-owned restaurant chain The Keg Steakhouse and Bar (“The Keg”) have enabled Chinese mobile payment—Alipay and WeChat Pay powered by AlphaPay in 14 locations across Canada.

As one of the top restaurant brands in Canada, The Keg is acknowledged as the number-one restaurant from the point-of-view of service and food. The Keg is well known for buying up historic properties, refurbishing them and turning them into restaurants, this restaurant chain became ironic and recognizable among residents and tourists from around the world.

The chain is working with AlphaPay, a forward-thinking Canadian Fintech company, specialized in cross border payment solutions to connect Chinese mobile payment users with Canadian business owners.  

This collaboration will allow customers to pay via Alipay and WeChat Pay to complete transactions on the mobile-based QR code payment platforms at The Keg. The new payment system simply implemented to the existing Eigen POS terminal which can integrate Alipay and WeChat Pay cross-border payment technology to their platform.

When customers dine at The Keg, the payment can be done either from customers by scanning The Keg’s POS terminal QR code signage or the server scans customers’ payment QR code on their mobile devices. The secured payment soon be done after inputting the pre-set password on customers end.

In particular, the cross-border payment technology is designed to convenient mobile payment users that are mainly Chinese and covered 93% of the mobile payment users among global Chinese community.

Since the tourism market from China has been growing significantly over the last decade in Canada, AlphaPay foresees the prospect of providing a borderless payment solution to help restaurant chain potentially reaching out to 1.1 billion overseas customers.

Moreover, AlphaPay’s payment solution is removing all processing issues that are typically associated with cross-border payment. For instance, more locations will follow as the restaurant chain claims to accept Ali Pay and WeChat Pay in Canada.


The Keg Steakhouse + Bar has been serving great steaks across Canada and the US for over 45 years. Quality has been a cornerstone of The Keg’s success since its first restaurant opened in Vancouver in 1971. The Keg’s focus has been, and continues to be, on providing exceptional service and quality food in a comfortable atmosphere for its guests.

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AlphaPay is a major influencer in the borderless payment technology space in Canada. As a forward-thinking FinTech company, AlphaPay has developed and distributed payment technology services to bridge the gap between North American businesses and 1.1 billion users of Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay through borderless payment technology. For more information: www.alphapay.com

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