Alipay Discovery Platform


Alipay Discovery Platform

Alipay Discovery is a function in Alipay App that helps Chinese tourists to connect interact and meet with overseas merchants. The Alipay Discovery feature is used by 620 million Chinese consumers and is a great opportunity to differentiate your product offerings.

How Does Alipay Discovery Platform Work

  Geo-targeted Marketing

  Campaign and Promotion Distribution

  Generate traffic with “Recommendation” function

  Making business always stay ahead by providing up to date purchasing trend according to their users spending habits

What Do We Offer

  Merchat’s page setting and publishing 

  Vouchers and coupons creating

  Promotion distribution and digital marketing update

  Content(Video/photo/description) Creating

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Alipay Red Packet

Red Packet QR Codes are offline marketing QR codes that Alipay launched overseas (outside Chinese mainland) in 2018. Once become an AlphaPay’s merchant, Alipay users can scan the Red Packet QR Code to get a red packet for payment deduction. Merchant listing in Alipay Discover platform can have detailed description of the store location, customer’s review and special offers displayed and pushed in the user’s Alipay App.

How Does Alipay Red Packet QR Code Work

Increasing transactions by giving money to customers from Alipay.

What Do We Offer

  Marketing materials distribution and printout

  Merchant’s location Map, business hour, photos and videos setup

  Merchant’s page publishing


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