Marketing Solution

Expand your reach to an untapped market.

Business Account Set Up

We help you set up a business presence on WeChat and Alipay, two of the biggest networks in China, to encourage social following and engagement to build brand loyalty.

On-Going Engagement

Use optimized memberships and loyalty programs, we help merchants continue to nurture relationships with their customers and encourage recurring purchases.

Geo-Targeted Marketing Solutions

Leveraging geo-targeted marketing solutions provided by our Chinese payment partners, we help you effectively engage and convert new customers in targeted areas.

Marketing Solutions


WeChat Official Account

WeChat Official Accounts allows merchants to directly promote their services to followers within the WeChat app.


WeChat Moment Advertising

Moments Ads is a platform for placing targeted advertising in the Moments section of the WeChat app.


Alipay Discovery Platform

Alipay Discovery is an Alipay app feature that helps Chinese tourists to interact with overseas merchants.


UnionPay U-Plan

World’s first open cross-border marketing platform that provides services in the fields of finance, travel and retail.

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