Wechat Moment Advertising


WeChat Moment Advertising

Moments Ads is a platform for placing targeted advertising in the Moments section of the WeChat app. By using WeChat’s powerful commercial analytics, merchants can promote their brands and increase consumer conversion rates by targeting people based on their interests and other traits

How does WeChat Advertising Work

  Tap to potential customers by aiming targeted user groups

  Potential viral video, works the same as screening on TV

  Drive more online exposure based on WeChat’s large user base

  Direct reach to customers and offering new products and promotion

What Do We Offer

  Personalized and professional advertising design services

  Targeted marketing based on business characteristics, location, campaign, gender, age group and personal hobby

  Detailed ad-browsing analysis reports

  Reviewed data indicators, including: costs, exposure, click count, interaction, conversion and dissemination

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