T&T Supermarket Now Accepting Alipay and WeChat Pay

T&T Supermarket Now Accepting Alipay and WeChat Pay

Oct. 04, 2019 (AlphaPay, RICHMOND, British Columbia) — AlphaPay, the leading cross-border payments solution provider, today announces the national integration of its mobile payment technology into T&T Supermarket (“T&T”), Canada’s largest Asian supermarket chain. With this new technology, T&T now accepts transactions from mobile-based payment platforms used widely by Canada’s Chinese consumers – Alipay and WeChat Pay – at the point-of-sale through one streamlined platform powered by AlphaPay. This integration will enable T&T’s 27 locations across the country to better serve the growing Asian consumer demographic, and provide the most convenient payment method to their customers.

“We are thrilled to have the support of T&T, Canada’s largest Asian foods market chain, as they roll out our AlphaPay solution in retail locations across the country. The tourism market from China has been growing significantly over the last decade in Canada, something that’s been further accentuated today as we find ourselves in the midst of Golden Week – a semi-annual Chinese national holiday,” said Jason Gu & Albert Sun, Founders of AlphaPay. “We are excited at the potential impact and uptake of AlphaPay, and the prospect of providing a seamless technology that solves the inefficiencies and numerous other challenges posed by cross-border spending.”

AlphaPay’s integrated payment solution enables merchants and consumers to quickly and conveniently transact secure, encrypted payments. Consumers present the dynamic payment QR code of their Alipay or WeChat Pay mobile app at the time of purchase, which is then scanned by T&T via the POS scanner, instantly completing payment. Funds are debited directly from the customer’s Chinese bank account, removing all processing issues that are typically associated with cross-border payments, spending limitations and exchange rates.

“Our customers, both local and visiting, are looking for convenience and all the amenities of home when they visit a T&T Supermarket,” said Tina Lee, CEO T&T Supermarkets.  “This new technology provides a seamless checkout experience, and one that is familiar and easy for them, so they can worry less about their payments and focus more on their meals.”

The rise in overseas travel from China and spending by Chinese consumers – as high as $341 billion CAD in 2018 alone – emphasizes the impact of AlphaPay’s all-in-one payment solution on the Canadian market. WeChat alone has over 1.2 billion users globally, roughly 2 million of which reside in Canada.

About T&T Supermarket

T&T Supermarkets is the largest Asian supermarket chain in Canada, operating stores in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. T&T Supermarkets was founded in Vancouver in 1993 and is now led by second generation successor and CEO, Tina Lee. T&T Supermarkets is headquartered in Richmond, BC, with offices in Toronto, ON.

About AlphaPay

AlphaPay is a major influencer in the borderless payment technology industry in Canada. As a forward-thinking FinTech company, AlphaPay has developed and distributed payment technology services to bridge the gap between Canadian businesses and 1.4 billion users of Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay through borderless payment technology.

With a global network and revolutionary payment technology, we strive to deliver the most advanced equipment to AlphaPay’s merchants. Along with mobile payment solutions and in-house e-commerce and IT team, we have developed a full-service payment-marketing cycle and by providing analytical marketing solutions to enable them to reach a worldwide network of merchants and consumers. For more information, visit: www.alphapay.com.

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