AlphaPay’s Merchants Display on Alipay Discovery Platform


AlphaPay works closely with “Discovery” platform on Alipay’s mobile app, which allows Chinese outbound travelers to search for shops, restaurants and tourist attractions in the country they are visiting.

AlphaPay Capabilities:

  • Set up T&T homepage on Alipay app
  • T&T supermarketing on-going campaign
  • Brand content creation and design
  • Location-map setting
  • Promotion material and poster distribution
  • Campaign announcement
  • Data analysis

Three Alipay “Discovery” Platform Outreach:

  • Attract more customers

Businesses can use coupons to attract more curiosity and increase their exposure which offers the opportunity to achieve more sales volume and encourage repeat business

  • Boosting exposure through recommendations

Customers can conveniently find local merchants and services near them and receive merchants’ coupons through ‘nearest stores’, ‘star Merchants’, and ‘high score merchants’. First Data’s merchants will be able to market to Chinese tourists before, during, and after their visits, boosting the exposure of their businesses among China’s rapidly expanding overseas visitors

  • Offer business information to users

Through Alipay’s geolocation-based “Discover” function and notifications within the Alipay app, customers can easily locate merchants nearby, receive promotional information and contact information. They can also learn about the business and product offerings so that businesses can gain more awareness

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