WeChat Official Account in Market Solutions for International Brands


WeChat Official Account Background

There are 98% of Chinese are now using mobile phone. As the No.1 social media platform in China, WeChat becomes a dragon of the world’s marketing industry. 

As one of the key marketing channels in WeChat, WeChat Official Account empowered to manipulate Chinese purchasing power once a brand establish and operate as their official webpage within WeChat app.

The Art of WeChat Official Marketing:

Just like Facebook business page in China, WeChat’s getting popular among international businesses regardless of their size, eager to owe official accounts. The sooner businesses register WeChat official accounts, the better for them tapping into a massive pool of over 1.2 billion monthly active users globally.

WeChat Service Accounts

WeChat provides ecosystem starting from setting up an WeChat Official Account. With this account, there are multiple ways to enhance branding. This enables businesses to track social interests and analyze customers’ shopping habits and preferences in order to provide targeted advertisements and bring in more potential business

WeChat CRM

AlphaPay’s Capabilities:

  • WeChat official account register
  • WeChat official account verification
  • Understanding culture difference and merge as one
  • Content creation & design
  • WeChat account operation
  • Publising planning and schedule
  • Promotion and distribution
  • Expanding and implementing e-commerce
  • Mini program design

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