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AlphaPay Enhances QR Code Payments Technology to Canada

Support for QR code payments is growing within the payments industry. In mid-2017, AlphaPay established their partnership with Unionpay, Alipay and WeChat Pay to bring QR code payment to Canada. AlphaPay published specifications designed to ensure interoperability for merchant-based and consumer-based QR code transactions.

The 2019 Chinese Outbound Travel Consumption Report

One of the world’s largest bank card companies, Alipay reported that the different customer profiles unveiled by the report all point to a growingly diverse set of travelers, all with different expectations and demands for services; for example, the young generation sees mobile payment services as essential while seniors seek information.

AlphaPay’s Merchants Red Packet Cashback Campaign

T&T is the biggest Asian supermarket with 27 locations across Canada. Most of the local Chinese community shop here very often. In 2019, T&T integrate Chinese mobile payment Alipay and WeChat Pay powered by AlphaPay nationwide. Furthermore, T&T wanted to increase sales transactions and revenue through this mobile payment technology.