In-Store POS Terminal


  1. Visit the “AlphaPay App” from the homepage
  2. Enter the “Username” and “Password”
  3. Then “SIGN IN

Collect Payment

  1. Navigate to “Payment
  2. Enter “CAD Amount” and click “Scan Code
  3. Put the customer’s WeChat/Alipay/UnionPay payment QR Code into the frame and “Waiting for Payment
  4. Confirm “Payment Successful” and “Print Receipt
  5. Click “Done” to return to the homepage

Transaction Report

  1. Navigate to “Transactions
  2. Click “Filter” on the right corner of the transactions page
  3. Enter the “Start and End Date”, then click “Confirm
  4. Click “PRINT” > “PRINT ALL” to print the Daily Summary


Enter a refund password to do either a full refund or a partial refund, the refund amount can not exceed the total amount of the order.

  1. Navigate to “Refund
  2. Input “Order ID” or click the “” to scan the “Refund Bar Code
    *Please note that the order ID and refund QR Code can be found from the customer’s receipt
  3. Enter the Refund Password
  4. Enter “Refund Amount” or click “Full Refund” then click “OK


FeatureFeature Introduction of features
LanguageChoose the preferred language including English/Simplified Chinese/French
Auto PrintPrint the receipt automatically after payment successful
Voice NotificationTo get the voice notification after payment successful
Customer ServiceAlphaPay online customer support
Help CenterMore user manual